Information of garena free fire:

                                              the garena free fire  is very interesting game and full of enjoyment in this game and this game is full of mobile game and most importance things that the free fire is same about pubg mobile game


           this game had booyah! That call after winning match full of different about pubg mobile and so many people like to play free fire because the pubg mobile had more gb and ram in your mobile but free fire didn't want a more gb and ram in mobile lower level of people also play this types of game in mobile and this game is very interesting game for playing


Tips for playing free fire:

 this game is very easy to play and this game and pubg game are something something same like a setting part of game and so many things aur same in this game  and all had like to play free fire also because in this game you can invite also your friends and your related person to play this game and you can get booyah! Easily in this game 


Tricks to get booyah!: 

 first you must a proper setting and basic setting then you get easily booyah in free fire game and all player must want the booyah! In free fire game and get more rewards in-game and get good finish the last of season  and in free fire game you can invest the your own money also forget new skin and royal pass in this season and get more booyah in-game and some people like to play that only thosh have royal pass in-game and  you get  new reward also in-game and the most important thing 


 sensitivity :

                    most important thing in-game forget you booyah in-game and in the costume room also and your sensitivity is good and nice automaticallyautomaticaly your gameplay also get improve in the game and you also take part in tournaments and this game is very interesting your playing for you 


                     collection is second part of free fire and all player want most collection of all things like : 

                                  guns skin:  

                                                   the guns skin is most interesting for collected in the game and all guns skin is nice to see and very smooth to usa in free fire to play and you get easily booyah in free fire 

                                    vehicle skin:

                                                      all vehicle skin is nice to look in free fire and all have very nice colour and bike and cars is good skin and most you had takne the royal pass then you get more skin of cars and bike in free fire 


                the rewards is most nice things in all game and rewards get daily in free fire because player getting motivated for playing game amd get more booyah in the game and all have easy management in-game and things and all had equal part  and all daily reward also getting in this game and all have full management system in part and all have full of reward in game of free fire and all player must get motivated became of this rewards of game and skin of all and good collection of game. 


            in this game missions is important things for rewards and all missions have very interesting and very smooth in-game and you can do the mission and you can complete properly then you get more rewards and collection

                      and you have taken royal pass then you get reward of money and all interesting things and you have all management things and you get nice and very good rewards and get nice collection in good and management and you get booyah back to back in game of free fire of this game 

                     and all have very nice colour full things of guns skin and most nice things is you get your level up in the game and get more thing to see and a nice game of free fire in many player have the most interesting of royal pass  

Pike up: 

              the pick up is a nice setting in free fire for getting most important thing in the game and you gameplay and you get nice placement in kevel of game and this setting is good for your smooth of game and this game is very nice for all player because this game is not compulsory for have ram of mobile and not a gb and this game is very nice for booyah! 



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