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Information:                            This game is launch by india government by behalf of Pubg mobile game this game is very interesting game among Pubg mobile the Xerox copy of Pubg mobile in this game many of new maps and control that come in this game and pau-g fullform is fearless and united guards        And all India player who like a Pubg mobile game may can play this game the behalf of Pubg game and this game is very interesting game and all child love it and the biggest thing is that this game is multiplayer game and this is full of enjoyment and happiness game        This game is have multiplayer game and you can play with your friends and your relation members also and you can play solo also this game is very important for your country and nation because this is very proud full your country    And we can install this game the most important thing is that the which ear go to India that directly go to our india solider and there family members Notes:              This game