Best way to build your Town in clash of clans

                        The clash of clans is multiplayer game and first we get one black ground in this game and then we want to build a own resources in this ground with the help of your troops and gold and elixir are most important thing in this game to build your defence and your resources and on this game all management is your own mind game to build 
          And this game is full of online game with multiplayer and most important thing is first you build your resources nad after you want to attack on the another resources and earn gold and diamond of like this rewards in this games and you get updates your troops
Tricks and tips:
                              The triks mad tips are so easy in this game because the this game is full of mind game and your talent game and first you want improve your defence and troops for attacks and get more rewards in this way and you had continue update your troops daily and your gold mine machine
                 And diamond machine to more rewards and your use your own account for this game and build for clash in this game and your gameplay is improving daily while you playing this game and you can understand easily became you play 
             In this game the most important thing is you may update your Town because you can improve your Town continue then you get strong troops to attack in another clan and get more reward for another clan and your get your account up in rank of and you get happiness in your game 
              The town's is most important thing in the clash of clans  because is the improved your gameplay and get more reward and in clash of clan the town's are starting form town 1 to town 12 then you want to improve your clan and your gameplay and you get more reward and gold and diamond
                                 And must you improve your resources and troops and you want earn more gold mine and elixir Then your want continue attack in your opponent and get reward and get full of tank in your gold mine and elixir of clan and you must regular updates of any thing because your gameplay get more reward and new troops in your clan 
Wars of clan: 
                         The you first war is very easy for you because day by day you play this game and you attack in your opponent then your war difficult leve is going up and you want more troops and for purchase troops you want gold mine and elixir diamond and more things in game  
          Then after you get more reward and gold mine nad coins and diamond in your clan and you get many troops for update nad you must update it then you get your reward 
                        And you get your good gameplay and more reward and this game is full of talent and good mind gameplay and good strength and good strong troops in management and you had good collection of gold mine and elixir diamond

Bulider base: 
                          The builder base is the best and clash and clan and is the improved and get more reward in this way and the builder base is second part of clash of clan and in this bulider base have new and nice troops to attack and defence
                                                    And you must have also in this second part also update all troops and gold mine and elixir diamond have update also and you have good gameplay and your mind is good for this game and nice and good troops full of update in this game of clash of clan
            In this game is full of enjoyment and full  of happiness in this game you can improve your defence and Town also and the most important thing is your strategy is most important thing in clash of clan and strong of troops is good for your Town and your clan in your game play good and nice mind game  
        And all this gameplay and your mind is good and full of troops is good and you must you update you Town regular in game the your troops get strong and good in clan and you get more reward in management system and you have good rank in this game and you must login your account with id not forget
           And in this clash of clan is good for you and your mind because your mind get fresh and good became playing this game and get nice reward in this game play 


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